Lots of unique games that offer different sensations. Like car parking games, which hone skills and accuracy. Even though in the real world Smarters cannot drive a real car, it is not an obstacle to play it on an Android smartphone, because the method is easier.

Well, there are lots of car parking game applications that have been released by various Android developers. Here are 7 of them that already have a lot of fans. In addition to honing your skills in virtual car parking, at least you can use it for friends while waiting for something.

  1. Dr. Parking 4

Dr. Game Pictures Parking

Dr. Parking 4 is a continuation of the previous series. Of course, the game created by SUD Inc is updated with more challenging stages at each level. Apart from being challenging, this Android game has graphics that are arguably very stunning.

The most recent version was updated on August 4, 2020 and until now it has been installed by more than 100 million users worldwide. Compatible devices are Android version 4.1 and higher.

2. Advance Car Parking Game: Car Driver Simulator

Parking video games

This Android game offers a 3D vehicle parking experience. The advantages offered in this game are having 512 different levels, realistic car controls, high quality graphics and offering different car controls including steering, arrows, and tilt.

In addition, one more thing that will make Smarters feel at home to play this game is the very realistic sound of the car. So as if parking the original vehicle. This game requires Android version 4.4 and higher.

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  1. Advance Car Parking Game 2020: New Free Car Games

\ High Difficulty Parking Game

Car parking games are really addicting. This is one of the best simulator game series from Broken Diamond. Advance Car Parking Game 2020: New Free Car Games has excellent graphics and a variety of challenging levels. Inside there are 350 different levels, not only hone parking skills but also driving.

The types of cars provided are also amazing, a dream for men. The detailed graphics are also very high, as if directly in it. This version of the game has been downloaded by more than 10 million users.

4. Parking King

Game For Car Parking Simulation

The next recommendation is Parking King made by Mobirix. The game, which was updated on June 29, 2020, offers a parking experience in various patterns. The game will get more adrenaline challenging every time, there are many stages to be passed. This game allows multiplayer play, Smarters can compete with friends or other rivals.

5. Real Car Parking : Driving Street 3D

3D Parking Game

If you are bored with the same games and are not too challenging, Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D can be tried. This is an offline parking game with god class graphics. Parking management is used quite easily with the sensor system and then has a very diverse camera angle.

The interior of the car will look so detailed, have a very real car sound. Smarters will also learn traffic in a very fun way. This game is initiated by Generic Studios and last updated in April 2018. As for the compatible Android version is 4.0 or higher.

6. Car Driver 4 (Hard Parking)

Parking is difficult in the game

Furthermore, there is Car Driver 4 (Hard Parking) which is no less interesting than the previous ones. Its features include 7 different car options, 7 themes, designed as many as 490 hard levels of parking. The cars are specially designed to fulfill parking desires.

This game is made by Bycodec Games, last updated on May 6, 2019. The size is 76 MB and the required Android is 4.0 and above. This game has been played by more than 5 million people.

  1. Parking Jam

Real Life Simulation Parking Game

Parking Jam is a parking game created by TerranDroid. In it there are 75 different missions with 50 vehicle options that can be taken. The developers created this game with revolutionary controls, very realistic graphics, and very additive.

Parking skills will be honed better with this game. This game has been downloaded by more than 1 million gamers. Well, for Smarters who want to play this game, at least Android you have is 4.1 or higher. Immediately play to be able to feel the excitement.

Those are the recommendations for car parking games that can be played on Android. Hopefully the recommendations above can be a reference if Smarters is looking for entertainment or car parking games.

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